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Applying ADS Momentum to Your Critical Nets in Cadence Allegro

Posted August 8th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Video


Cadence® Allegro® is a popular board layout tool but it lacks a 3D-trace-and-via EM simulator like ADS Momentum. Fortunately, you can export your critical nets to Agilent ADS Layout, run Momentum, and extract multi-port S-parameter data from the structure. With S-parameters in hand you can go back into Allegro, or do further optimization, design, and analysis in ADS. The following two videos show you 1) how to export the artwork from Allegro to ADS and 2) how to run Momentum. Momentum uses powerful basis functions called Green’s functions that are precomputed for trace and via current flows. The fields are rapidly solved full 3D.

Click for tutorial video on Agilent ADS Design Flow Integration with Cadence Allegro

Design flow integration

If you have an ADS license, the zip file is in the ADS distribution at C:\ADS2009U1\ial\import_kit\ (Assumes ADS is installed in C:\ADS2009U1\ folder). The doc (including installation instructions) is here (Knowledge Center login required.) Allegro DFI presently works with Cadence Allegro PCB version 15.7 and higher and Allegro Package Designer and Cadence SiP versions 16.01 and higher.

Click for tutorial video on ADS Momentum

Running Momentum simulation on an ADS Layout

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  • nacim

    Thank you for the vid. It will be interested to see how positive and or negative planes behave. Which setup do you recommend for ADS Momentum, granted positive layer designs take on more space, but are easier to understand then negative.

    Thank you again for this blog.

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