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Applying ADS Momentum to Your Critical Nets in Mentor Expedition and Board Station XE

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Update January 29, 2013: We now have a much better flow from Mentor board tools called W2324 High-capcity Layout Pre-processor. It is based on ODB++013

Mentor® Expedition® and Board Station XE are popular board layout tools. You now can export your critical nets to Agilent ADS Layout, run our 3D multilayer EM simulator (ADS Momentum), and extract a multi-port S-parameter model from the structure. With S-parameters in hand you can go back into Expedition, or do further optimization, design, and analysis in ADS. The following two videos show you 1) how to export the artwork from Expedition to ADS and 2) how to run Momentum. Momentum uses powerful basis functions called Green’s functions that are precomputed for trace and via current flows. The fields are rapidly solved full 3D.

Click for tutorial video on Agilent ADS Design Flow Integration with Mentor Expedition

Demo of ADS Dynamic Access for Mentor (video only, no sound)

Click for tutorial video on ADS Momentum

Running Momentum simulation on an ADS Layout

Updated March 10, 2011

There’s also a webcast on this topic by Mentor available on Mentor’s site (registration required):
Add Mixed Technology, Including RF, to Your PCB Design in Half the Time

Here’s the configuration you need for high-speed digital applications:


Expedition From Mentor

Requires presently shipping release

  • Part number:234108 – ATP RF Design Option to Expedition (Alternatively: Part Number:238868 – Expedition Advanced Packaging Bundle: it includes Mentor RF Option)
  • Part Number:236797 – ADS Simulation Option
  • New (in beta, final release will be in May)! Part Number:247302 – Extended RF simulation option


Board Station XE from Mentor

Requires release 7.9.2 currently targeted for May 2011

  • Part Number:67978 – Board Station RF Layout V8 Op SW (instead of ATP RF Design Option)
  • Part Number:236797 – ADS Simulation Option (i.e. same as Expedition)
  • New (in beta, final release in May)! Part Number:247302 – Extended RF simulation option (i.e. same as Expedition)


ADS From Agilent

  • Any configuration that include ADS Momentum. W2211 ADS Core, Transient Convolution, Layout, Momentum bundle is probably the best for high speed digital applications.

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