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Can Your Security Guard Solve Your Signal Integrity Problems?

Posted May 30th, 2008 · Please leave a comment · Humor


Kudos to Mike Williams and his M1 OT company for this funny mockumentary-style ad.

I realize of course Mike’s claim "…you don’t have to be the top signal integrity engineer anymore to find the hardest signal integrity problems … even your security guard can find your most subtle waveform problems…" is an amusing way of claiming ease of use. Now easy to use is one of those goobledygook press release words that marketing folk like me over use. But it still made me think: can software alone really solve your signal integrity problem? I don’t think so. Use of engineering software requires an understanding of engineering. It can make an engineer more effective, but it can’t make a non-engineer into an engineer, any more than a spear can replace the hunter. As philosopher Daniel C. Dennett says in “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea” (p.70) “Nobody ever saw a spear fashion a hunter out of raw materials.”

If you have the right capabilities, ease of use makes software enjoyable and productive to use. The right set of capabilities is called “the law of requisite variety,” which Tom Peters explains by counter example “If you have an airplane with no wings, it’s OK not to have an altimeter.”

By the way, our “airplane” (ADS Transient-Convolution Simulator) has “wings” and an “altimeter.” And you can learn to fly it in 15 minutes:

ADS Transient-Convolution Simulator Solves Eye Closure Problems


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