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Customizing ADS Components – Ideal Delay Line

Posted September 18th, 2008 · Please leave a comment · Video


In a class given recently by Eric Bogatin, a student was puzzled by the ideal transmission line in ADS. Microwave folk specify electrical length as phase shift in degrees at a certain reference frequency. But what if you want to specify the same physical component in terms of delay in nanoseconds?

No problem! ADS lets you easily build custom components from built-in ones. This five-minute video shows you how, using said delay line as an example.

Customizing ADS Components Like Delay-specified TLIN

MPEG-4 video file for iTunes+iPod

Note added 3/19/2009: This request was so popular we actually added built-in delay-defined transmission lines in ADS 2009. But the post is still valid because the technique is useful — even though the example I create here is now superfluous.


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