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Power-aware Signal Integrity and EMI/EMC On High-speed Digital Chip-to-Chip Links

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Measurement-Based Channel Modeling For Signal Integrity Using ADS

Posted October 8th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Webcast

Note (added Oct 24th): The on-demand recording of the live is event is available at the same link.

I’ll be presenting a free live webcast "Back to Basics: Measurement-Based Channel Modeling for Signal Integrity using Agilent ADS"


In this webcast, we’ll demonstrate a rapid technique for "what if" analysis for signal integrity applications.

We first automatically fit an ADS circuit model to measured data, using a Tyco XAUI backplane as an illustrative example. Next, the circuit model is used in a series of "what if" simulations to that show what configuration changes will lead to the required performance. Examples include changes to the loss tangent, the via design, and daughter card/backplane trace impedance matching, and combinations of all three. This technique is a much faster and more thorough approach to explore the design space than "iterating the hardware to success."

Who should view this webcast

Signal integrity engineers for multigigabit links who are running into effects previously only seen in RF and microwave circuits.


October 23rd, 2008; 9AM Pacific, noon Eastern, 5PM UK, 18:00 Central Europe. (If you can’t attend the live event, register in any case and a link to the on-demand recording will be sent to you shortly after.)


"Back to Basics: Measurement-Based Channel Modeling for Signal Integrity using Agilent ADS"

Also check out the sister webcast TDR, S-Parameters & Differential Measurements Webcast if you’d like to learn about how the S-parameters, used in my webcast, were measured.

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