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Happy Thirteenth Birthday IBIS

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After a gestation of several years, the Input/Output Buffer Information Specification (IBIS) Version 2.1 was formally ratified as ANSI/EIA-656 on December 13, 1995: IBIS turns thirteen tomorrow.

The IBIS behavioral modeling template emerged as a compromise between the need of chip vendors to protect the intellectual property in their SPICE netlists, and the need of chip consumers to have an “executable datasheet” of the I/O buffers of the chips they design into their systems.

Here’s a snippet from the IBIS home page.

Introduction: IBIS is a standard for electronic behavioral specifications of integrated circuit input/output analog characteristics.

Group Objectives: In order to enable an industry standard method to electronically transport IBIS modeling data between silicon vendors, simulation software vendors, and end customers, this template is proposed. The intention of this template is to specify a consistent format that can be parsed by software, allowing simulation vendors to derive models compatible with their own products.

There are mainy excellent IBIS resources on the web including IBIS Modeling Cookbook (Senior editor: Michael Mirmak)

For a look at how our tool, Agilent ADS, uses the IBIS templates, check out this post entitled Workflow with IBIS Models.

And Happy Birthday, IBIS, from Signal Integrity blog!

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