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Puzzle Event 1 – Open the Eye

Posted October 29th, 2008 · 7 Comments · Puzzle

To enter this fun puzzle event, submit your solution to the following signal integrity problem. The eye diagram performance at 6 Gbps for a given set of S-parameters with no equalization is shown below.

Puzzle Event 1 Eye, No Equalization

Obviously for this long channel the eye diagram is closed. The idea is that you develop a passive or active equalizer circuit either at transmitter or receiver or both to open the eye. You submit your entry at this blog, and submit comments on other peoples’ entries. Kudos to the person who achieves maximum eye height and width at 6 Gbps!

How to Enter

Click to play the video clip gives instructions on how to enter
Video clip showing how to enter

iTunes Store/podcast version of video

  1. Read the official rules. The Start Date is October 29, 2008, and the End Date is December 15th, 2008.
  2. Get a login at Signal Integrity Tips. The login and password will make you a blogger on this blog! By participating you’ll get a bonus introduction to the blogosphere.
  3. Download the puzzle event 4-port S-parameter file.
  4. Develop an equalizer circuit that gives maximum eye height with a unit amplitude random bit sequence at 6Gbps.
  5. Login to the blog and post an article about your entry. Besides a text description you can upload images, video clips, and so on. Explain how you did it and what results you got. Persuade your peers that this is neatest and most effective solution.
  6. Set your posting category to be “Puzzle 1 Solution”.
  7. Click on the Submit button. You can submit any time before 11:59PM GMT on December 15, 2008.
  8. Wait for the post to be moderated. Once moderated your solution will be posted on this blog for others to admire and comment on. Likewise, you can read other peoples’ entries here and comment on them.
  9. Bask in the glory if you have the best eye height and width! Web 2.0 and social media are all about fun!

Editor’s Note: Sanjeev’s solution to the puzzle he posed is here.

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