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What Are Your Favorite Signal Integrity Sources?

Posted September 15th, 2008 · 10 Comments · Survey

My hope for this straw poll is that we can form a collective opinion about information sources about signal integrity. Vote for your favorites then see the tally so far in real time. It isn’t scientific, but I think it will give a good feel for the answer. Comments on this (and any other postings) are welcome. To leave a comment, click on the Comments link at the bottom of the posting.

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  • Devis Lu

    Need more SI training class in China

  • John Dusing

    I attended one of Lee Ritchey’s classes several years ago and thought it was fantastic! I still have a difficult time trying to convince other engineers and managers that SI is a serious issue.

  • Brian Young

    I’m kind of partial to my book. 🙂

  • woz2

    Brian, Sorry for the omission. I’ll add you to the list.
    John, a paper that might help convince your colleagues that SI is a serious issue is “Does Signal Integrity Engineering
    have a Future?” by Arthur Fraser and Straty Argyrakis (then at Procket Networks before it was acquired by Cisco) from DesignCon 2003, or come to my panel session at DesignCon 2009 (if it is accepted).

  • Tim Coyle

    As the editor I’m partial to XrossTalk Magazine as a publication resource!

  • woz2

    Hi Tim, Sorry! I added it.

  • dennis derickson

    4 of the 5 books listed on your voting list are from the prentice hall signal integrity library. Another book in this library is “digital communications test and measurement ( I am one of the editors)” and of course that is my favorite.

  • Rob LaMoreaux

    I took Lee Ritchey’s 2 day course this year and learned a lot. Unfortunately much of it my coworkers dismissed because that is not the way they have always done it, and on in particular my boss feels knows it all.

  • David Norte

    Regarding my favorite signal integrity trade magazine, I really enjoy the signal integrity design articles that appear in the Printed Circuit Board Design And Fabrication trade magazine. They are often practical and helpful.

    Although the authors you list have published big selling textbooks, I have authored a book that provides a unique interactive approach for learning about signal integrity. The book title is “Learn Signal Integrity Design Principles With Mathcad”. The book makes effective use of modules, not chapters, to teach certain foundational signal integrity design principles, as well as other design principles that are derived from more complicated design situations.

    The book comes with a CD that contains Mathcad, as well as the corresponding Mathcad worksheets for each of the modules. The software is highly interactive. It plots frequency spectra, transfer functions, S-parameters, received eye patterns, as well as BER curves for frequently encountered signal integrity problems. The software also allows the user to alter the values of the system variables to see the impact of these changes on the received eye patterns, frequency spectra, and BER curves. I believe that this book provides a nice addition to the existing list of available signal integrity textbooks.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts on this subject.

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