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How To Get The Models You Need From Your IC Vendors

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New! New! In ADS 2011.05 we have a one-click encryption process. Import the HSPICE dialect netlist as usual than select the tool (Tools==>HSPICE Compatibilty Component==>Encrypt) and click on the block you want to encrypt! Done! Note however that DesignKits created in ADS 2009 will need a revision to run in ADS 2011. In particular a lib.def file must be added. Ideally, the DesignKit creator should rebuild the kit in ADS 2011. If that fails, our tech support staff can create the necessary file in some cases.

New! To make things even easier, with the release of ADS 2009 Update 1 (October 2009), RF IP Encoder is no longer a separate download. It’s included in the main ADS 2009 Update 1 download

(Please also read a related post about IBIS AMI models)

Did you know that your IC vendors can easily share their transceiver models with you — for you to run in ADS — and still protect their IP? This video shows how the process works. Send a link to this article to your IC vendors today. And mention the carrot and the stick. The carrot is that if they create such models we’ll help promote them with a web page in our partner directory. And the stick? Tell them, “No ADS models, no purchase order.” 🙂

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