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Power-aware Signal Integrity and EMI/EMC On High-speed Digital Chip-to-Chip Links

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Two Recent Signal Integrity Articles

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EDN editor Paul Rako wrote an article Voices: Signal-integrity experts speak out based on a DesignCon panel that we contributed to:

Preserving signal integrity is a challenge because, at today’s data rates, [you must mitigate] electromagnetic impairments previously only seen in the microwave-frequency range. Attenuation, reflections, and crosstalk must be countered by prelayout- and postlayout-design optimization and by introducing new techniques, such as impedance matching, pre-emphasis, and equalization. Chip-to-chip connections are mini communication systems. It’s a challenge wherever you have chips communicating at high speed.

Larry Lerner, Senior R&D manager at Agilent Technologies’ EEsof division
Larry Lerner, Senior R&D manager at Agilent Technologies’ EEsof division

My colleague Larry Lerner also has a by-line article Viewpoint: Mass GPUs, not CPUs for EDA simulations in EE Times. It’s on a topic I’ve written about here namely accelerating simulations by repurposing GPU hardware. The title the editor chose is a little misleading. I guess “Many-core GPUs supplement multi-core CPUs for EDA simulations” wasn’t provocative enough 🙂 :

As David A. Patterson, professor of computer science at the University of California at Berkeley, says: “No one knows how to design a 15-GHz processor, so the other option is to retrain all the software developers [to program parallel machines].”

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  • Juan

    Is double precision (64-bit float) available on these GPU’s yet? How important are these to your application?

  • Colin Warwick

    Hi Juan, Good question. For our application, double precision is essential. We only support NVIDIA GPUs that support doubles: Professional grade
    cards e.g. C1060 or S1070 are preferred, but consumer grade GTX280, GTX285, GTX295 work also. The consumer ones aren’t tested to same reliability levels as Tesla though.

    — Colin

  • Peppe

    i’m an italian student and i have a big problem…
    I must resolve an exercise relative to signal integrity for the universitary test.

    There is someone that can help me????
    Can i post the exercise???

    Help me please…..

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