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Web 2.0 Democratization of First Journalism, Now Conferences?

Posted August 16th, 2009 · Please leave a comment · Conference


The web has democratized journalism by lowering the entry barrier to publishing. Now it seems it’s democratizing conferences. Here’s how. Just ask a company (Juniper Networks in the case cited below) to donate its cafeteria or auditorium space for an evening, post some notices on the internet, ask people to bring themselves, their ideas, some sandwiches and soda, and — voilĂ  — instant conference! Start of a trend? Compare the two weeks’ lead time and near zero cost of FPGACamp below and the 9-month lead time and million dollar budget for, say, DesignCon. Anyway, good luck and power to the people! Here is Vikash Rungta’s announcement in full:


1st event FPGACamp is coming up on Aug’26 at Silicon Valley, CA. The topic of the event is “High Speed Serial Interfaces – Protocols, IPs & Devices”. The event is going to be vendor neutral & technical.

I am here looking for speakers / recommendation for speakers. We would like to have a segment about : what FPGA designers & board designers should know to minimize the SI risk including termination, layout guidelines, power supply & lab bringup (may be list few challenges in bring-up, and tools to debug).

We certainly would like to stay vendor neutral, so we need someone who is not part of one of the vendors.

The admission & booths are completely FREE, so rest of the folks interested in attending/ setting up a booth RSVP at FPGACamp or LinkedIn Events: FPGA Camp High Speed Serial Interfaces

Event Details

The idea behind FPGA Camp is to bring engineers together and discuss FPGA, mainly NextGen FPGA technology, application, methodology, best practices and challenges. Also provide a location to meet other local FPGA designers to share their stories.

We are hoping that this would act as a platform to bring all the FPGA users together more often.


5:30 – 6:00: Registration and demo
6:00 – 7:00 : Tech Talk- “High Speed Serial Interface: Protocols, IPs & Devices”
7:00 – 7:30 : Vendor talk- a brief talks from the vendors offering High Speed Serial Interface devices or IPs. (5 to 10 mins each).
7:30 – 8:00 : Networking and exhibits

High Speed Serial Interface: Protocols, IPs & Devices

Recent expansion in the video usage and growth in the Internet use have created a demand to move more data faster than ever. To meet this demand, system & chip designers are moving towards high speed serial interfaces such as PCIe, XAUI, Interlaken, XFI, 10GbE etc. With FPGA devices currently supporting speeds up to ~12.5Gb per IO pair, which makes FPGAs a unique choice for the next design.

This talk will focus on familiarizing people with various protocols (both currently used & emerging), IPs & Devices which can be used to solve the next system problem.

The talk will be followed by quick presentations from some of the vendors offering these solutions (no marketing talk, only technical).


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