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Accelerate Flex Circuit Simulation with Multilayer Interconnect Models

Posted March 22nd, 2010 · Please leave a comment · Technical Paper


In his DesignCon paper Shielded Flex Circuitry – What Drives Performance? Jim Nadolny, Senior SI/EMI Engineer at SAMTEC, points out that the 2D crosssectional EM simulations in ADS’s Multilayer Interconnect Models can remove the need for long, full 3D simulations. To quote Jim:

The cross section can be parameterized and tuned real-time making transfer impedance analysis possible in several minutes. This approach means that [ADS Multilayer Interconnect Models] can be used as a design tool as opposed to [a 3D EM] analysis tool, which requires more than several hours of computation time.

Thanks, for the shout out Jim! For more information on ADS Multilayer Interconnect Models, please see the brochure for W2200 ADS Core.

ADS Multilayer Interconnect Models


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