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Puzzle Event 4 – Who Is This? What Did He Invent?

Posted June 3rd, 2010 · 10 Comments · History, Puzzle

In celebration of the upcoming 60th anniversary of a patent publication on an important invention on June 21, 1950, I’m posing the questions:

“Who is this? What did he invent?”
Mystery man

Leave a comment below if you know. Sorry, there’s no prize another then the kudos of being first to guess correctly.

Puzzle Rules

Image source: Wikipedia – historic image fair use rationale

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  • Dan Smith

    Paul Eisler, father of the PWB, holding his radio

  • bala

    Is this correct colin?

  • Colin Warwick

    Hi Bala, Close. Paul Eisler combined his electrical engineer skills and traditional printing skills and invented the printed circuit board itself, not just a component attachment method.

    — Colin

  • bala

    Thanks for your response colin.Nice puzzle.Post more!

  • Dan Smith

    Paul worked on train radios. His first practical invention was the proximity fuse that was used in the British anti-aircraft artillery shells that knocked out the majority of V-1’s aimed at London after the D-Day invasion. I mentioned when I presented at APEX 2010 at Designer’s Day last April that the IPC should give him his credit by awarding him their possible highest honor. He was an extremely facinating gentleman that everybody took advantage of his genius, yet he still kept inventing. Your rear window defogger was one of several inventions that he never obtained the initial credit on.

    • Colin Warwick

      Yes, very interesting story. There’s more info on wikipedia and in his autobiography, “My Life with the Printed Circuit.” ISBN 0-934223-04-1. It’s out of print, but you can find it in libraries or second hand bookstores e.g. via Amazon.

  • neville w richards

    forty/fifty years ago the heating elements used in electrical heaters were round wires. Eisler came up with the idea of flattening the wire to form a flat foil. This gave a surface area 6 times greater than a round wire for the same cross sectional area.. His patent was taken up by an English company who formed the company Hotfoil Ltd. Although now closed in UK the USA arm was purchased by me and we use Eisler’s invention to make electric heaters with foils.
    We are proud to carry on this man’s invention.

  • Colin Warwick

    Thanks, Neville, good to hear that another of Paul’s innovations lives on.

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