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Revving up VPX for 10 Gbaud Operation

Posted February 9th, 2010 · Please leave a comment · Guest Post


Thanks to our customers Bob Sullivan (VP Technology) and Michael Rose (Engineering Consultant) at Hybricon who co-authored a paper with our very own Jason Boh, Applications Engineer here in New England. It’s in COTS Journal and is entitled Case Study: Revving up VPX for 10 Gbaud Operation.

Abstract: Supporting 10 Gbaud data rates is a complex technical challenge. VPX is designed to handle such speeds, but a variety of system design issues must be considered at this level of signal transmission.

There’s also an extended version in PDF format here:

Revving up VPX for 10Gbaud operation – a case study for implementing IEEE 802.3ap 10GBASE-KR over a VPX backplane

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