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What About the *.ibs File?

Posted December 15th, 2011 · Please leave a comment · Application Note


Update May 11, 2012: With the release of SystemVue 2012.06 the *.ibs file is generated automatically

As you may know we have W1714 SystemVue AMI Modeling Kit to generate the AMI portion of an IBIS model (the *.ami file plus either *.dll on Windows or *.so on Linux) for Channel Simulation. But I often get questions on how to generate the analog part: *.ibs file itself. Or sometimes the question is about how to generate the analog part with no AMI for the traditional IBIS flow, based on SPICE-like transient. At present, Agilent doesn’t offer a solution in this space, but my customers tell me they do one of several things:

  1. Follow the IBIS Cookbook or
  2. Engage a consultant like Teraspeed for a measurement-based model
  3. Use a free tool s2ibis (SPICE to IBIS) IOmeth also have SimDE
  4. Paid tool like SharkSim Developer which is also uses a SPICE to IBIS approach

Hope this helps! Please leave a comment if you’d like share your method of generating *.ibs files.


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