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The Power of S-parameters for High Speed Digital Design

Posted May 29th, 2012 · 10 Comments · Conference


By Colin Warwick

Post updated September 7, 2012: Thanks for your feedback! The final version is now available as an on-demand webcast: The Power of S-parameters for High Speed Digital Design

Eric Bogatin kindly invited me to teach the s-parameter module at Global EMC and SI University, which is run by IEEE EMC-S in conjunction with its conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 5-10. The target audience is engineers who have been in the profession approximately 5 years plus veterans wanting to improve their understanding. Hope you can join me!


The Power of S-parameters for High Speed Digital Design


Multigigabit/s connections between chips that are linear and time-invariant can be completely characterized by measured parameters – called network parameters — at their terminals irrespective of their internal configuration. Moreover the measured parameters of any such individual component, such as connectors and PCB traces, can be used to determine the network parameters of any configuration containing these components.

S-parameters are being used more and more in high speed digital design because (as microwave engineers have known for decades) they are easier to measure and work with than other kinds of parametric models. Although s-parameters are a frequency-domain representation, they can be combined easily with time-domain techniques such as SPICE and IBIS IC models, and eye pattern diagrams by use of convolution (IFFT) methods.

This talk will explain the motivation behind the generation and use of s-parameter models and offer some tricks and tips to avoid some of the pitfalls that can sometimes occur.


I’m posting a draft here to get your feedback in advance of the class.

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