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Workshop on IBIS AMI Model Generation – Bangalore – 8th October 2014

Posted October 1st, 2014 · Please leave a comment · Workshop


We’re offering a hands-on one-day workshop on IBIS AMI model generation in Bangalore, India, 8th October 2014. Registration includes lunch and is free. Simply email or call +91-80-40148740


With increasing data rates of SerDes channels and complexity of the associated digital equalization blocks, classic time-domain simulations with legacy IBIS and SPICE models have slowed to the point where their usefulness is limited. Extremely long simulation times associated with transistor level models and vendor-specific encryption increase the effort required to develop accurate models and decrease model portability. Furthermore, even when such models are developed, simulation throughput is limited and design validation takes a long time. With the release of the IBIS 5.0 in 2008, Algorithmic Modeling Interface (AMI) has provided an Industry- standard way of simulating high-speed serial links with advanced signal processing elements, such as analog filters, FFE and DFE, etc. IBIS-AMI models offer orders-of-magnitude of improvement in simulation time, while IP remains hidden and protected within a compiled executable in binary format called from EDA tools through a standard interface. This standard interface allows AMI models to run on any EDA tools that support IBIS-AMI. With their high flexibility and good IP protection, AMI models have become the choice of many design customers and SerDes vendors.

Take a test drive with Keysight EEsof EDA tools. See how to generate AMI models with easy to use automatic AMI model generation using Keysight SystemVue tool. This complimentary hands-on workshop will give you firsthand experience with the AMI Model Generation and Validation using the power of Keysight EEsof EDA tools


8:30 AM Registration (Free)
09:00 AM IBIS-AMI Basics & AMI Modeling Overview
10:00 AM Hands-on Session- Case Study 1: USB 3.0 Transmitter AMI Model Generation
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Hands-on Session- Case Study 2: USB 3.0 Receiver AMI Model Generation
4:00 PM Hands-on Session: AMI Model Validation using Keysight ADS
4:30 PM Summary and Q&A

Who should attend

Engineers responsible for generating and validating AMI models for High Speed SERDES applications like HDMI, USB, PCIe, etc

Date and Location

8th October 2014
Keysight Technologies India Pvt Ltd.
The Millenia, Second Floor, Tower D,
1 and 2 Murphy Road, Ulsoor,
Bangalore – 560008


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